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Measurement of size, shape, proportion and composition for monitoring growth and fitness in both genders of all ages

Rosscraft is a Canadian based anthropometric instrument design, manufacturing and marketing company. From its inception in 1981, The mission of the company is to help make people participants and witnesses in research in the service of human kind providing both the tools and learning materials for assessing human physique and monitoring change with growth, exercise and nutrition.

News and Views

  • On ratios and proportions- A scientific romp by Bill Ross (Project Coordinator)

    This presentation is geared for human biologists and health professionals to enjoy, understand, and use concepts of allometry, dimensionality and human proportionality elegantly.

    It also spans the theory, technique and technology used in kinanthropometry to asses physical structure,

    On ratios and proportions October 2015

    status and change in subjects, clients and patients for archiving evidence.
    An animated Powerpoint version is available for theater presentations on


  • "Of all new developments in sports medicine that became available for general use in 1985, the one that may have the most lasting influence is still relatively unknown to many of those who are likely to find it most useful." Allan J. Ryan, M.D.~ 1987 Medical and Health Annual Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.

    Rosscraft is currently in development of a new and improved O-Scale version, to be released in 2017. 

  • Check out the review written by Shannon Calderon for The Human Solution on the Centurion Kit.

    "For more than 30 years, Rosscraft has been the leader in creating and manufacturing high-quality and easy-to-use anthropometric instruments, and the Centurion Kit is no exception."

    Full review at


Rosscraft Publications

Anthropometery Fundamentals

Introduction to Anthropometry Fundamentals

for Human Biology and the Health Professions

Theory Technique Technology

WD Ross Project Coordinator
Rosscraft Innovations Incorporated

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BMI: A Conspiracy of Ignorance

BMI: A Conspiracy of Ignorance

An Animated Essay for Human Biologists & Health Professionals

William D Ross

bmi chart

BMI prediction of sum of skinfolds and other myths.

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Body Composition

Animated Essays

for Human Biologists and Health Professionals

A conceptually based animated essay series to instruct, involve and inspire comuter users. body composition image

Ask the Right Questions

  • Not, How much do I weigh?
  • Ask, What is my physical status?
  • How does this change with growth and aging and what is the effect of exercise and nutrition?
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