Who Rosscraft Is And What We Are About

Rosscraft has a mobile polyhedron organizational plan, which means that any individual may from time to time find him or herself in an apexial leadership position.
Both the Sales and Service and the Research and Development Division operate under a polyhedron organizational plan. This encourages friends and colleagues to give  leadership and work in  allied creative units. The work groups or “troikas” are  usually but not necessarily groups of three.  This enables colleagues to apprentice themselves with one another, enjoy the camaraderie and contribute to the mission of the companies. Thus we bond with many individual scientists and health professionals concerned with growth, exercise, performance and nutrition.  Any individual may be the leader of a company initiative that is coordinated by the CEO, Scientific Director or President as follows:

  • Dr. William D Ross, “Bill” will no longer be concerned with day to day sales or marketing alliances. He will head a greatly expanded Research and Development Division working with creative units involved in three areas:1. Products (design of instruments, manufacturing, software and automation), 2.  Publications (digital and hard copy multi-lingual learning  materials, course construction, and multimedia systems) 3. Projects (cooperative research and development ventures).
  • Mary Ross will continue as President supervising and facilitating alliances and managing Rosscraft participation in trade shows, congresses, symposia, speaking engagements, and outreach programs. She will be assisted by Brian Ross (Ross Machine).

Rosscraft maintains Turnpike Electronics Publications Inc, a US based corporation, under a Board of Directors.